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The Spa

We offer a wide range of personal beauty services in our spa - from facials to waxing and more. Come to pamper yourself and leave with your skin feeling rejuvenated and hydrated! Browse our offerings from the services below and book your appointment today!


60 - Minute Facials

      Customized Facials                 $75

                 - Age Management

                  - Hyperpigmentation

                  - Acne

                  - Vita-AnitOxidant

                  - Sensitive/Rosacea


      Relaxing Back Facial               $60

      Microdermabrasion               $85

      Chemical Peel                          $90


      Waxing and Tinting

              Lash & Brow Tint              $20

              Brow/Chin/Lip Wax          $20

              Full Face Wax                    $25

              Underarm Wax                 $15

              Bikini Wax                         $30

              Brazilian Wax                     $65                Full leg wax                     $55

              Back Wax                             $40

              Chest/Abdomen Wax        $30



Facial Products

My product choice is PCA Professional Skin Care. It is a pharmaceutical grade skin care line offering a complete range of products for every skin type. PCA uses the highest grade active ingredients to deliver optimal results. These products not only feel good on your skin, they continually work to improve the overall health. I carry several products to accommodate aging, pigmented, acne, sensitive, rosacea, dry, oily and combination skin. None of the products I use contain synthetic fragrance, parabens or any other harmful chemicals. This is a cruelty free and vegan line. Enjoy using pure, top of the line skin care products!

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