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Our well trained and experienced staff will SERVE YOU...

                ...with the best quality of care.

                ...with the safest and most beauty enhancing products.

                ...and with an inspired connection that only a devotion to compassion can bring.  We're here for YOU!

Womens Hair Cuts
starting at $60


Unique, personalized,  and by request.

Our experience will ensure your needs are met.

You will leave satisfied and pampered.

Mens Hair Cuts 
starting at $30

Yes, we are a "Beauty" Salon. 
"Handsome" Salon just doesn't sound quite right.
But rest assured we offer a quality man's haircut in a relaxing environment you will not forget.
Ask about other services that might interest you.
starting at $95

We use Redken and Paul Mitchell hair coloring

 products.  World-renowned and quality tested.

We will strive to provide that special color you desire.

Skin Care
starting at $95


The latest technologies, techniques, and an experienced caring touch, ensure results that will leave your skin glowing, healthy, and attractive.

starting $20

Discrete, professional hair removal.

Your waxing needs are met with your care in mind.

Eye lash pic's.JPG
Eyelash Extensions
Perfect for weddings and special occasions!


Wedding/Special Event Hairstyles
starting at $100

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